January 8, 2023

Christ Has Mercy On Every Nation

Passage: Matthew 15:21-28
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Christ Has Mercy On Every Nation
A Canaanite Who Earned Damnation
She Cried For Mercy And Salvation
From David’s Greater Son Relation
At First He Tests, Silent Duration
Disciples Beg “Away Vexation!”
He’s Come For Only Israel’s Nation
But She Still Begs In Faith Prostration
He Calls Her Dog Humiliation
“It’s Not Right” Is His Quotation
Her Cries Won’t Cease There’s No Cessation
“I Am Your Dog Oh Master Of Creation!”
“Please Heal My Daughter And End Her Devastation!”
Because Of Her Faith He Answered Her Supplication
And Went On To Die And Rise For Our Justification
He Is Forevermore Our Mercy Giving Emancipation!

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