September 18, 2022

Christ Is The Bread Who Satisfies

Passage: Matthew 14:13-21
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Christ Is The Bread Who Satisfies
He Has Compassion, Heals, Supplies
All Our Desires Of Any Size
He’s The Good Shepherd Who’d Baptize
Our Hearts He Came To Circumcise
Creates From Nothing Analyze
In Genesis He’s God All Wise
Yet For Lost Sinners Agonize
He Bore God’s Wrath And Helpless Cries
“Forsaken!” All Alone He Dies
But In Three Days Our King Did Rise
Conquered Sin And Death And Lies
By Faith Alone We’re Just, Arise
It’s God Alone Who Opens Eyes
To Grant In Christ All Joys And Highs
So Come To Christ Who Satisfies
For He’s Our Everlasting Prize!

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