November 26, 2023

Christ Jesus Alone Can Unify

Passage: John 17:11-17
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Christ Jesus Alone Can Unify
He’s Leaving The World To Glorify
He And His Father To Magnify
And Make Us All One To Nullify
Our Sin And Divisions That Horrify
As Father And Son Are One On High
So We Are One Through Christ Who’d Die
They’d Mock And Beat And Crucify
He’d Die And Rise To Justify
By Faith Alone All Those Who Cry
To Him For Mercy And Comply
He’ll Keep Them Safe And Near Him Nigh
Protect From Satan, Vivify
We’re In The World, But We Defy
Not Of The World, On Christ Rely
God, By His Word, Will Sanctify
Our Whole Lives He’ll Purify
And Everything He’ll Beautify
Our Every Longing Satisfy
So In Him Trust And To Him Fly!

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