April 17, 2022

Christ Jesus Is Alive So There’s Great Celebration

Passage: Revelation 1:10-18
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Christ Jesus Is Alive So There’s Great Celebration
This Day Is His, The LORD’s Special Commemoration
His Description Is The Best Of All In Summation
There’s No One Like Him In All Of Creation
He Speaks To His Church Most Loving Communication
The Great Son Of Man, The God-Man Incarnation
The Priest-King Sacrifice Who Rules Every Nation
His Hairs All White, Eternal Wisdom’s Culmination
Bronze Feet Show He’s Strongest With Highest Purification
He’s God Almighty Speaking Like A Roaring Water Sensation
His Hands Hold All Authority, Every Thing In Subjugation
With A Sword Of Judgment Comes Just And Rightness Damnation
His Face Shines Like The Sun, God’s Glory Manifestation
One Sight Of Him Transfixes, Knocks You Down In Paralyzation
He’s The First And The Last, True God Who Brings Salvation
He Died Upon That Cross, Our Full Propitiation
Then Rose Forevermore, Our Life And Justification
The Keys Of Death And Hades He Holds In Confiscation
So Now No Longer Fear, He’s Our All Preoccupation
Our Infatuation And Fascination Who Causes Intoxication
More Than Anything Else In All Of Creation!

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