November 7, 2021

Christ Jesus Is The Beginning And End

Passage: Genesis 1-50
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Genesis 1-50

Christ Jesus Is The Beginning And End
The Alpha And Omega And Only True Friend
The First And The Last On Whom We Depend
The Seed Who’d Crush The Serpent And Spend
His Life For Us God’s Glory Defend
He Is Our Ark Whom God Did Send
To Save From His Wrath That Would Descend
Abraham’s Seed In Him Does Extend
What All Meant For Evil God Will Suspend
And Mean It For Good Our Thoughts Transcend
It Seemed Joseph Died And Rose In The End
But Jesus Did Die And Rose To Commend
Us To Our God As Righteousness Friend
By Faith Alone Our Relations He’d Mend
Now We Repent No Longer Offend
All For Our Christ Who’d Condescend
To Satisfy More Than Minds Comprehend
And Be Our All From Now To The End!

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