September 24, 2023

Christ Jesus Is The Coming King

Passage: Matthew 21:1-11
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Christ Jesus Is The Coming King
Who Knows Of Colts And Everything
Supplies All Needs, From Him They Spring
And In Jerusalem They Sing
Hosannas! Praise! They’re Worshiping
The Son Of David, Glory’s Ring
And Yet He’d Die And Taste The Sting
Of Sin And Death For Man’s Offspring
A Crown Of Thorns Would Pierce This King
On Him God’s Fiery Wrath Would Spring
He’d Die So Marred Past Human Thing
Then Rise To Us Salvation Bring
Take Refuge In His Healing Wing
By Faith Alone Let’s To Him Cling
He Saves From Olney To Beijing
He Is Our God, Our Reigning King
Who Will Forever Make Us Sing
He Is Our All, Our Everything!

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