January 14, 2024

Christ Jesus Is The Son And Groom

Passage: Matthew 22:1-14
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Christ Jesus Is The Son And Groom
Of The Greatest Wedding Whom
His Father Gives To End All Gloom
The God-Man Came In Mary’s Womb
Then Lived And Died To Death Consume
He Bore God’s Wrath And Judgment Doom
Then Conquered Death, Rose From The Tomb
Ascended And All Powers Assume
On Sinners Christ Will Lay The Boom
Would You Be Worthy Of This Groom?
Called And Chosen To His Room?
Where Joys Ever Grow And Loom?
Then Turn From Loves That Hearts Consume
And Every Sin That Causes Doom
And Trust In Christ Alone The Groom
You Will Be Justified And Bloom
And Royal Sonship You’ll Assume
A Wedding Garment Yours For Whom
There Will No More Be Any Gloom
All Joy Is Yours In Christ Your Groom!

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