July 24, 2022

Christ Jesus Rids Of Every Weed

Passage: Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43
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Christ Jesus Rids Of Every Weed
He’s Son Of Man Who Sows Good Seed
God’s Children Of The Kingdom Freed
From Sin And Hell By Greatest Deed
He Bore God’s Wrath, He’d Cry And Bleed
He Died And Rose, Life’s Guaranteed
By Faith Alone We’re Just Indeed
Every Sin And Evil Breed
That Jesus Holiness Impede
Will Be Cast Out In Fire Concede
There’s Weeping, Gnashing Teeth Decreed
But Righteous Ones Who Christ Do Heed
Shine Like The Sun, Their Father’s Seed
So Trust In Christ With Earnest Speed
For He Alone Meets Every Need
All Other Joys He Will Exceed!

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