March 5, 2023

Christ Jesus Shone Bright At The Transfiguration

Passage: Matthew 17:1-8
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Christ Jesus Shone Bright At The Transfiguration
Strong As The Sun His Face Alteration
His Clothes A White Light Beauty Manifestation
God Pulled Back The Veil Of His Glorification
And Showed Us His Glory For A Short Duration
Moses And Elijah Were There In Grand Conversation
Peter’s Stunned And Stammers About Tent Accommodation
The Father Speaks About His Beloved Son’s True Relation
I’m Pleased With Him! Listen To All His Communication!
The Disciples Fall Down In Shock-Fear Combination
Christ Comforts “Fear Not!” With A Touch Affirmation
They Lift Up Their Eyes To See Jesus Only: Salvation
For He Would Go Die As Our Propitiation
Then Rise Up Alive For Our Justification
To Be Our All Only: Our Life Celebration
So Praise And Worship Him With True Adoration!

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