February 27, 2022

Christ Jesus Taught, Prepared, And Sent

Passage: Matthew 10:5-15
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Christ Jesus Taught, Prepared, And Sent
His Loved Apostles Out They Went
To The Lost Of Israel’s Tent
They’d Preach And Heal In Love Be Spent
Raise The Dead And Be Content
If Well Received Their Peace Present
If Not Received With Dust Dissent
They’ll Face Unbearable Torment
Hallelujah! Christ Was Sent
To Save From This Awful Judgment
He Died And Rose With Full Intent
To End All Death With Its Lament
By Faith Alone Please Trust, Repent
To His Commands Give Full Consent
In Him The Joys Won’t Relent
He Is Enough Your Praises Vent
For He’s Our Everything Event!

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