December 18, 2022

Christ Cleans From All That Sins Defile

Passage: Matthew 15:10-20
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Christ Cleans From All That Sins Defile
From Our Hearts These Come And Rile
Evil, Murder, Adultery Vile
Theft And Lying, Slander While
Our Sins Like Heaps Of Dung-Waste Pile
Jesus In Sinless, Perfect Style
Obeyed And Conquered Every Trial
Then Suffered Death Who They’d Revile
The God-Man Took God’s Wrath Hostile
Then Rose Alive To Reconcile
Everything No Hint Of Guile
By Faith Alone We Gain God’s Smile
Saves Both Jew And Each Gentile
Who Trusts In Him To Joy Compile
For He’s Our Everything Worthwhile!

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