December 25, 2022

Christ Jesus Came Through The Incarnation

Passage: Luke 1:26-38
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Christ Jesus Came Through The Incarnation
Mary Humbly Accepted The Great Annunciation
The Virgin Believed God’s Word Declaration
She’s The Favored One Who Needed Salvation
Through Jesus Her Son There’s No Condemnation
The Holy Spirit Overshadowed To Cause The Formation
Of Christ In The Womb Of His Own Creation
He’s Great, The God-Man Who Deserves Adoration
He’s Son Of The Most High And LORD Of Every Nation
He’ll Rule On The Throne Of David Without Cessation
His Kingdom Has No End For Eternal Duration
He’s Holy Son Of God, We Bow In Prostration
For He Died On That Cross As Our Propitiation
Then Rose From The Dead For Our Justification
By Faith Alone We’re Saved From Damnation
His Spirit Works In Us For Sanctification
And He’ll Lead Us Home To Glorification
Where He’ll Be Our Preoccupation, Infatuation
And Holy Fascination, For He Causes Intoxication
More Than Anything Else In All Of Creation!

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