December 24, 2023

Christ Is The LORD To Magnify

Passage: Luke 1:39-55
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Christ Is The LORD To Magnify
Like Telescopes Enlarge Your Eye
To See What’s Big Far In The Sky
No One’s Greater Than Christ On High
Therefore We Sing And Praise For Aye
He’s Power, Mighty That Is Why
The Virgin’s Blessed With Child And Thy
Son The Incarnation My
Savior, God-Man Came To Die
Then Rise Alive To Death Defy
So We In Hell Shall Never Fry
By Faith Alone We’re Just And Cry
Hallelujah! Praises Fly
Scatters The Proud Who’ve Gone Awry
Lifts Up The Humble By And By
Fills The Hungry Full Supply
The Rich He Sends Away Deny
His Mercy’s Great If You Rely
On Him Alone For Joy Nigh
For He Is All We Magnify!

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