December 17, 2023

Christ Jesus Is The Righteous Way

Passage: Matthew 21:28-32
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Christ Jesus Is The Righteous Way
He Is The Son Who “Yes!” Would Say
Then All His Father’s Will Obey
But We’ve All Sinned And Gone Astray
Like Whores And Cheats Who Do Betray
We’ve Chosen Our Own Selfish Way
But Christ Would Die Our Debt To Pay
On Him Hell’s Wrath Would Fully Lay
But Then He Rose All Death To Slay
By Faith Alone We’re Just Today
We Change Our Minds To Walk His Way
We Too Say “Yes!” And Do And Pray
For Jesus Takes Our Sins Away
God’s Promises In Him Are Yea
Who Put God’s Love On Full Display
So We Like Him Trust And Obey!

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