September 4, 2022

Christ Jesus Astonished All Who Heard

Passage: Matthew 13:53-58
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Christ Jesus Astonished All Who Heard
His Wisdom’s Great, Their Hearts Were Stirred
His Mighty Works Confirm The Word
Offense They Took, Their Hearts Absurd
His Father Gave These Things Transferred
For He Himself Is God The Word
No Honor From His Home Conferred
A Killer To His Life Preferred
He Suffered All God’s Wrath Unheard
He Died And Then Rose Up The Third
Now Rules And Reigns O’er All Occurred
By Faith Alone No Wrath’s Incurred
So We Are Free And Undeterred
To Trust, Obey His Every Word
For Our Whole Life He’ll Undergird
And Be Our Joy Never Deferred!

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