August 28, 2022

Christ Jesus Saves From Furnace Fire

Passage: Matthew 13:47-52
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Christ Jesus Saves From Furnace Fire
In Hell Where Wrath And Holy Ire
Burn Toward Sinners In The Mire
It’s Judgment That Will Never Tire
Forever Last, The Future’s Dire
But Jesus Came To Quench The Fire
The Righteous One Who Does Inspire
Did All The Good God Would Require
Then Died For Sinners He’d Expire
Absorbed God’s Hellfire, All, Entire
Then Rose Alive So We’d Acquire
Eternal Life, Righteous Attire
By Faith Alone He’s Justifier
Through His Spirit, Sanctifier
Gives Understanding, Takes Us Higher
Worth More Than Every Jewel Sapphire
We Live Our Lives To Him Admire
For He Is All Our Joy Desire!

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