June 2, 2024

Christ Jesus’ Coming Shines So Bright

Passage: Matthew 24:26-35
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Christ Jesus’ Coming Shines So Bright
Like Lightning Flashing, What A Sight
From East To West They’ll See His Light
With Power, Glory, Greatest Might
He’ll Come And All His Foes Will Fright
His Words Won’t Pass, Forever Write
They Stand Eternal We’ll Recite
He Died, Endured God’s Wrathful Night
Took All Hell’s Anger At Its Height
Then Rose All Death To Crush And Right
All Wrongs And Sadnesses He’ll Fight
His Blood Shall Make Our Sin Robes White
He’ll Gather All Elect Contrite
Who Shall By Faith Alone Invite
The God-Man To Their Hearts Ignite
A Flame Of Joy He’ll Excite
Pleasures In Him, Our Great Delight!

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