June 9, 2024

Christ Jesus Is My Shepherd LORD

Passage: Psalm 23:1-6
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Christ Jesus Is My Shepherd LORD
I Lack No Thing In Him Adored
He Grants Me Peace, My Soul’s Restored
In Righteous Paths He Leads Me Toward
Life For His Name’s Sake, Christ The LORD
And Though I Walk Through Death Abhorred
I’ll Fear No Wicked, Evil Horde
For You Are With Me, Mercy’s Poured
Like Oil On My Head Reward
I Overflow With Joys Stored
Goodness And Mercy Chase Me Toward
His House Forever Where I’ve Soared
To Heights Of Pleasures In My LORD
All Because God’s Wrath Was Poured
On Christ My Shepherd Who’s Abhorred
Hell’s Anger Pierced Him Like A Sword
He Died And Rose For His Reward
All Praise, All Nations Are Restored
Now My Shepherd’s My Reward
Who Will Forever Be Adored!

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