June 16, 2024

Christ Jesus Comes When None Will Know

Passage: Matthew 24:36-44
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Christ Jesus Comes When None Will Know
Except The Father Who’ll Bestow
His Grace And Mercy Down Below
Food And Drink And Marriage Though
Christ Comes To Judge, They’re Taken Low
And Swept Away In Judgment Woe
So Now Be Ready, You Must Know
That God’s Great Love In Christ He’d Show
When Jesus Died To Take God’s Woe
Then Rose Alive, God’s Mercies Flow
He Made Your Sins As White As Snow
By Faith Alone, No Works You Owe
In Christ You’re Sanctified And Grow
And To The Lost You Love And Go
To Share The Gospel, His Word Sow
For He’s Your Joy, Makes You Glow
He Comes To Conquer Every Foe
He Shall Return You Certain Know!

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