June 23, 2024

Christ Jesus Is The Faithful Slave

Passage: Matthew 24:45-52
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Christ Jesus Is The Faithful Slave
The Only One The Father Gave
He’s Wise And Holy, Pure And Brave
Who Died And Rose And Came To Save
There’s No One Like Him, All The Rave
God-Man Divine, No Traits He’d Waive
But Took On Flesh Our Way To Pave
Crushed By His Father’s Anger Wave
Then Rose Alive Up Out That Grave
And Though We’re Evil, Sin Deprave
By Faith Alone Our God Does Save
And Sanctify Like Christ Behave
On God’s Strong Hands Our Names Engrave
All Your Sins Jesus Forgave
Now You’re God's Child And Holy Slave
Who Will Be Faithful, Ready, Brave
For Christ Alone You’ll Love And Crave!

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