February 11, 2024

Christ Jesus Finally Ends All Confrontation

Passage: Matthew 22:41-46
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Christ Jesus Finally Ends All Confrontation
They’ve Tested And Tried Him Without Cessation
Questions They’ve Asked Like Satan’s Temptation
Yet He’s Been Victorious In Every Situation
He Always Wins So There’s Celebration
Now He Leads The Final Interrogation
Takes The Wheel Of This Investigation
To Show They Don’t Know The Incarnation
He’s David’s Son But More Elevation
He’s David’s Lord, The God-Man Revelation
He Died On That Cross As Our Propitiation
Then Rose From The Dead For Our Justification
They Can’t Answer Him, He Ends The Conversation
There’s No More Questions, They Should Bow In Prostration
By Faith Alone There’s No Condemnation
He’s Our Holy Fascination Who Grants Us Salvation
So Worship Him Forever With Deep Admiration!

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