February 18, 2024

Christ Jesus Is Perfect, The Humble Rabbi

Passage: Matthew 23:1-12
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Christ Jesus Is Perfect, The Humble Rabbi
The Instructor And Teacher Who Came To Defy
False Teachers And Hypocrites, All Who Are Sly
He Created Moses, Spoke God’s Word Lifted High
He’s The Truth And The Way And Our Every Supply
He Came To Fulfill God’s Word And Apply
He Suffered God’s Wrath On That Cross He Would Die
“My God! My God! You’ve Forsaken Me Why?!”
That Was His Darkest, Deserted, Death Cry
But Then He Arose, Death’s Dead It Will Die
By Faith Alone We Are Just And Comply
With The Spirit Of Christ He Shall Vivify
So We Do Our Good Deeds For His Beautiful Eye
We Humble Ourselves To Him Alone Glorify
For We Know Christ Alone Can Truly Satisfy!

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