October 15, 2023

Christ Jesus Grows The Greatest Fruit

Passage: Matthew 21:17-22
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Christ Jesus Grows The Greatest Fruit
His Perfect Holiness Salute
He Loves And Serves And Saves To Boot
There’s No One Like Him, No Dispute
From Olney, Gaza, To Beirut
Sin Does And Has And Will Pollute
Like Israel Who Bore No Fruit
And Acted Like A Prostitute
Christ Curses All From Head To Root
But He Will Save And Death Refute
For On A Tree He’s Cursed And Mute
He Bore God’s Wrath Like Sinner Brute
He Died Our Lamb And Substitute
Then Rose Alive The Grave To Loot
Of All His Loved Ones Hot Pursuit
His Righteousness He Does Impute
By Faith Alone We’re Just, On Route
To Pray To Him And Mounts Uproot
For He’s Our All, The Greatest Fruit!

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