October 8, 2023

Christ Jesus Is The Temple Praise (Part 2)

Passage: Matthew 21:12-17 - Part 2
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Christ Jesus Is The Temple Praise
The God-Man Truth His Life Conveys
Zeal For God’s House He Loves, Obeys
He Toppled Tables In A Blaze
Of Righteous Anger For Their Craze
For Money And Their Sinful Ways
The Temple Is For Prayer And Praise
Of Him Who Sent His Son These Days
To Die And Rise So We Could Raise
Hosannas To Our God Always
Now Every Nation To Him Prays
He’s Healer, Wonderful’s The Phrase
That Captures What He Is Amaze
All Hail! All Hail! The King Of Praise
Who Is Our All, Our All Always
Who Saved Us From Our Sinful Ways
So He’ll Forever Be Our Craze!

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