March 10, 2024

Christ Jesus Is Pure Clean Outside

Passage: Matthew 23:25-32
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Christ Jesus Is Pure Clean Outside
Within He’s Clean, Nothing To Hide
He’s Sinless, Beautiful Inside
There’s No One Like Him, Perfect Guide
Yet On That Cross He’s Made Our Pride
Our Greed And Selfishness Collide
On Him, God’s Wrath, He’s Terrified
“Why Forsaken?!” Alone He Cried
Counted As Unclean He Died
He’s Dead Men’s Bones Pierced In His Side
But In Three Days He Could Not Hide
The Tomb’s Burst Open For Him Wide
He Is Risen! Glorified!
To Save Us From Our Sin And Pride
By Faith Alone Trust Him Who Died
He’ll Make You His Pure, Clean, Loved Bride
He’ll Be Your Joy Deep Inside
Every Want In Him’s Supplied
All You Need He Will Provide
To Spread His Name To All Worldwide!

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