March 3, 2024

Christ Jesus Is The Matter Of Greatest Weight

Passage: Matthew 23:23-24
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Christ Jesus Is The Matter Of Greatest Weight
He’s Justice And Mercy And Faithfulness Straight
He’s Worthy Of Tithes And Everything Great
Compared To Him, All Loves We Must Hate
He’s Clean Through And Through, Our Heavenly Gate
He’s Righteousness Pure In Whom We Relate
Our Guide And Protector With Every Best Trait
But Shed His Pure Blood, They’d Murder Irate
He Died On That Cross And Bore Our Sin’s Freight
Forsaken By God All His Wrath Satiate
Then Rose From The Grave, Death’s Dead, It’s Checkmate
New Creation Is Here For He Does Create
By Faith Alone His Righteousness Translate
Flee To Him Now And He’ll Reinstate
All Joys And Pleasures That Sin Would Deflate
He By Himself Is Our Happiness Weight
He’s Everything Great! His Return We Await
He Won’t Be Late, And On That Date
We’ll Celebrate, For He Is Our All Who Hearts Elate!

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