December 19, 2021

Christ Jesus Is The Greatest Sign

Passage: Revelation 12:1-6
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Christ Jesus Is The Greatest Sign
Both Man And God Truly Divine
Came Down In The Fullness Of Time
His Birth Made All God’s Glory Shine
But That Great Dragon’s Cruel Design
Stood To Devour A Malign
With Heads And Horns And Sour Wine
Christ Drank God’s Wrath And Curse Combine
He Died And Rose To Death Confine
No More To Haunt His Pure Bloodline
The Dragon’s Crushed, Cast Out, Benign
By Faith Alone Christ Calls You “Mine!”
And Rules With Rod Of Iron Hardline
So Come To Christ The Greatest Sign
To Him All Hopes And Fears Resign
He’ll Grant You Joys And Peace Sublime
And Move Your Heart To Sing And Rhyme!

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