December 12, 2021

Christ Jesus Is The Man Of Prayer

Passage: Colossians 4:2
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Colossians 4:2

Christ Jesus Is The Man Of Prayer
All Night He’d Spend This Love Affair
No Desire From God He’d Spare
He Prayed With Fervency So Rare
And With The Spirit Reverent Care
He Prayed God’s Will Be Done For There
Is Where All Grace And Joys Flare
He Died And All Our Sins Would Bare
Then Rose To Conquer Death’s Dread Scare
Now In His Name God Answers Prayer
So Humbly Seek And Love And Dare
To Ask And Pray Without Despair
For God Will Hear And Without Err
He’ll Answer And Your Burdens Share
With Him No Lover Can Compare
So Always Run To Him In Prayer!

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