March 24, 2024

Christ Jesus’ Mercy-Heart Shall Speak

Passage: Matthew 23:37-39
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Christ Jesus’ Mercy-Heart Shall Speak
Before He Dies In His Last Week
“Jerusalem! For You It’s Bleak!”
“You Stone And Kill, You’re Evil’s Peak!”
“Judgment’s Coming Though I Seek!”
“To Gather You As Chicks Who Squeak!”
“But You Would Not!” Oh What Mystique
How They Resist The God-Man Meek
Who’d Go And Die And Suffer Weak
They’d Spit And Beat And Strike His Cheek
He’d Bear God’s Wrath With Pain And Shriek
But Then Arise And End Death’s Streak
For Death Is Dead On Holy Week
By Faith Alone In Christ Unique
You’ll Never Be Desolate Bleak
Escape God’s Wrath And Sin Critique
And Find In Christ All Joy’s Peak
For He’s The Treasure Whom We Seek!

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