March 29, 2024

Christ Jesus Prayed This Psalm Meditation

Passage: Psalm 88
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Christ Jesus Prayed This Psalm Meditation
The Psalms Point To Him, For He’s Their Foundation
He Cries Out “My LORD! My God! My Salvation!”
“Take This Cup Away! Full Of Fury Damnation!”
He’s Troubled As Death Draws Near In Vexation
He Has No Strength As He Falls In Prostration
In Darkness He Hangs For The Full Duration
Bearing God’s Wrath As Our Propitiation
His Soul’s Cast Away In Hell Devastation
God’s Face Turned Away In Full Condemnation
Cut Off In The Grave, He’s Dead Life’s Cessation
His Companions Are Gone, He’s Alone In Damnation
Yet Wonders Are Worked For The Dead Incarnation
The Departed Do Rise Up And Praise Adoration
Your Steadfast Love Is Declared Our Salvation
For Jesus Did Rise For Our Justification
And Now He’s Forever Our Preoccupation
Our Holy Fascination Who Causes Intoxication
More Than Anything Else In All Of Creation!

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