June 13, 2021

Christ Jesus Is Our Treasure Chest

Passage: Matthew 6:19-24
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Matthew 6:19-24

Christ Jesus Is Our Treasure Chest
No Moth Destroys Like A Pest
No Rust Can Tarnish His Great Zest
No Thief Can Steal From Us What’s Best
He Is Our Everything Expressed
In Him We Have It All We’re Blessed
For On That Cross He’d Die Oppressed
Under God’s Wrath Poor, Sore, Distressed
But Now He’s Risen Life Expressed
And Death Is Dead It Is Confessed
By Faith Alone In Him Find Rest
In His Righteousness We’re Dressed
Our Hearts With Him Are Now Obsessed
The Love Of Money We Detest
For By Christ’s Love We Are Possessed
To Store Up Heaven’s Treasure Quest
And Serve Our God Who Is The Best!

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